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Tok Sen Massage  is the Lanna wisdom to maintain the health of the community in Lanna, who inherited generations. It is another intellectual knowledge that is the identity of Lanna folk medicine.

Tok Sen  is another way to treat physical symptoms of the Lanna folk medical system. The development of the blow to break the pain, it’s a treatment of bone, tendon and joint disease.
This treatment is faster than Thai massage because it focuses on stimulating points or lines in the body of some massage therapists will use the line along with massage.

Therapist must have knowledge of the anatomy , the expertise and training to be able to make a good hammering.

The Tok Sen makes  the line up to the depths. It can make the treatment of tendons more easily. Massage the nails. The twitching of the deep lines to rise up and stimulate the muscles and ligaments to pump more blood.

The feeling of being nailed It is like having electricity running inside the body line. Initially pain is about 15 – 20 minutes, then disappears, and then feel like there is electricity running away.

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